Our Service List

At Sandy Paws Grooming, we offer a full service pet grooming experience.  Whether you just need your pets nails trimmed or need a full spa day with haircut, we have you covered.  Below is a brief example of what our packages include.  Please contact us for pricing, as we are breed based on pricing.

We offer FREE pickup and delivery for our customers in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, Alabama.  All others will be charged a small mileage fee.

If you desire to use our pick up and delivery service, remember, all pickups are scheduled between 730 am and 930 am.  Due to traffic and time, we are unable to pickup after 930.  If you desire an appointment after 930, you will be required to drop off at the shop.

We offer walk in service until 11 am daily for bath only services, nails and ear cleaning.  Any other service will require an appointment.  With each grooming package visit, you will earn loyalty points towards discounts off future appointments.  


Bath Only Package - Bath, Brush out, Nails Clipped, Anals Expressed, Ears Cleaned

Bath and Furmination - Everything above plus a full furmination treatment to reduce shedding by 80%

Full Groom - All the Above plus hygiene cut, face and feet trimmed

Premium Groom - Everything above plus a full body cut or scissor


Nails Trimmed

Nails Dremeled

Ear Cleaning

Pad Trim

Anal Gland Expression

Creative Grooming

Skin and Hair Care for Allergies, Pests and Infections

                                                             BEFORE                              &                                   AFTER